VideoDoc is a clinical solution that combines the expertise of GPs with the convenience of modern technology. Quite simply, we offer a video portal between GPs and patients. GPs using VideoDoc can organise online consultations with patients when appropriate in a controlled manner ensuring the continuity of patient care.

The technology is available to GPs to install in their practices. The GPs use their clinical judgement to make online consultations available to their patients as they see fit. The service opens the door for new innovations in general practice by offering the technology directly to GPs for distribution to their patients

Through collaborating with the UK’s most trusted GPs, consultants, therapists and specialists, we’ve become one of the leading online healthcare technology providers. Join VideoDoc today by contacting or call us on 02037444226.

Interested in using VideoDoc to see your patients?

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VideoDoc is a flexible tool for doctors to see patients as an alternative to an in-surgery visit, or as a tool to follow- up. Referrals to consultants, therapists and other healthcare professionals can also be arranged through VideoDoc.

It’s your chance to:

–  Work from your practice, at home, or anywhere you want

–  Be in control of when you work with our online scheduling

–  Expand your patient outreach

–  Empower your patients with online scheduling and medical services

–  Reduce limitations of physical boundaries and office hours

–  Work in a paperless environment

–  Minimise costs

–  Enhance efficiency and patient care

–  Offer access to further, convenient medical care

–  Increase patient satisfaction