Annual Family Subscription

£ 75.00 / year

The wait to see a doctor is over. See a GP as many times as you and your family need over the coming 12 months. A family subscription is for 2 adults and up to 2 children. Using a computer or mobile device you can have a video consultation with a GP without needing to schedule an appointment.

VideoDoc can be used for medical non-emergency consultations where a physical examination is not required. This is an excellent service for you and your family to use if you need to see a doctor straight away.

When to use VideoDoc? 

–  For diagnosis and treatment of everyday illness

–  If you need a prescription

–  When worried about a personal health or medical issue

–  When in need of a second opinion

–  When considering A&E for a non-emergency situation

–  When you are not comfortable talking to your own doctor about a health or wellness problem

–  When your usual doctor is unavailable

–  When travelling and in need of medical care


Terms & Conditions Apply:

Monday – Sunday, 8am – 10pm
All GPs are registered with the General Medical Council

Your subscription code can take up to one working day to be sent to you. If you need to see a doctor now, call our Care Team on 0203 744 4226 and they can provide you with a subscription code immediately.

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